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Spy x Family is a Japanese Manga series written and developed by Tatsuya Endo. It  released in April 2019. The action-drama series has huge fanbase all over the world.

Spy x Family: The story of Spy

The plot of the series revolves around a man who has an extraordinary combat skills and memory with capabilities. As a spy, he has code name “Twilight”. His latest mission is Operation Strix under which he has to enroll a child at school. The school has a rule that both parents are required to get admitted in the school. So, to fulfil the need, the man creates a false family by adopting the girl Anya and marrying Yor.

Spy x Family

In the series, we get to know that Yor is also an assassin and good in doing household chores. The girl Anya knows the secret behind the whole family. She is an experimental human subject “Subject 007” who has escaped from the lab. She has an extraordinary ability of reading minds of people.

Spy x Family


The 58th Chapter of the series will release on 26th December 2021. In the 57th chapter, we saw Anya boasting about her mid-term break adventures. But later the students declares it to a teacher and eventually that makes her highly embarrassed and upset about the boasting. Loid also advised her not to brag before anyone. In the recap, we saw Loid is still working on the tracing the men who orchestrated the bomb scare on the ship. There were many organizations which appeared under the suspicion. We expect Yor to be back consequently on her assassination business after holidays.

Spy x Family

In chapter 58, we will see Loid checking up for the ship case. As of now, we haven’t seen Yor but she would surely return. The next chapter will be available in the Shonen Jump+ Magazine. In case of delay, we will update you with the latest info.

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