Little Nightmares II: Mono-Everything You Need To Know

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Mono is a playable character in Little Nightmare II. He is also the protagonist of this game. Little Nightmare II is an adventure game in the horror genre. British video game company, Supermassive Games along with the Swedish giant, Tarsier Studios developed this game. This article showers light on the character, Mono.

About Mono

Mono is a young short skinny boy with a mysterious past. He is a talented character and has a variety of abilities up his sleeve. Also, he covers his face with a paper bag. This is because he likes to hide his identity. Without the bag in his head, he has black hair and dark eyes. Other than this, he wears a grey shirt and grey pants with a trench coat. And, he doesn’t wear shoes.

Little Nightmares II: Mono-Everything You Need To Know

He doesn’t like to talk as he conveys his thoughts through actions. Despite being quiet, he is very kind and helps others. Along with this, he has fire in his heart and a never give up attitude.

Mono And Six

Six is a young girl and one of the main characters in the game. In the game, Mono finds her in the Black Tower. Both of them help each other and try to escape the monsters.

Little Nightmares II: Mono-Everything You Need To Know

Initially, Six doesn’t trust him. But, after a series of events, Mono starts to gain her trust. Eventually, they become friends and explore the world. But later Six turns into a monster and doesn’t recognise Mono. He tries his best to bring back Six to her normal state.

Power Stats

As mentioned earlier Mono is not a normal boy. He has special powers and high intelligence. Even with all this, he maintains a quiet demeanour.

Little Nightmares II: Mono-Everything You Need To Know

Some of his abilities include,

  • Intelligence is the biggest strength of Mono. This helps him to find traps and solve puzzles.
  • Another impressive ability is his power of teleportation.
  • He is very fast and this helps him to get away from the monsters. But he is not as fast as Six.
  • He is also an expert in telekinesis.
  • Despite having a thin build to his body, he has impressive upper body strength.

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