AOT Chapter 137: Release Date, Plot And Spoilers

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Attack on Titan or AOT is a Japanese anime series. This manga styled series was first released in 2013. Also, it was distributed by Aniplus Asia and NHK General TV. Currently, it has four seasons and over 100 chapters that are about humans surviving against giant Titans. This article features the latest updates about AOT Chapter 137.

AOT: Plot

As mentioned earlier, Attack on Titans is a Television series that focuses on humans fighting for survival against humanoid titans. The humans had no chance against these non-welcomed guests. So, as a defensive measure, the remaining survivors built huge walls to protect themselves from titan attacks.

AOT Chapter 137: Release Date, Plot And Spoilers

The protagonist of the AOT is Eren Yeager. He is a curious young boy who is eager to learn about the outer world. The story revolves around him as seeks revenge against the titans. This is because he loses his mother to the titans due to his curiosity to know the outer world. Also, his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert accompany him on his journey as they fight against the titans.

Chapter 137: Spoilers and Latest Updates

Named as “Titans”, AOT Chapter 137 was released on 9th February 2021. This chapter focuses a lot on Annie Leonhart and Armin Arlert. These two play a major role in supporting Eren. Furthermore, this chapter brings Eren back to the limelight. This is because the previous chapters focused more on others.

AOT Chapter 137: Release Date, Plot And Spoilers

Along with these characters, Levi Ackerman and Gabi Braun get considerable screen time as they too join in helping the survivors. This chapter along with the next two other chapters ends this glorious manga series.

AOT Chapter 137: Release Date, Plot And Spoilers

In conclusion, chapter 137 is worthy for a finale as it has an engaging screenplay and some shocking twists. Overall. this chapter gives an epic ending that justifies its worth.

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