Anton Castillo: Far Cry 6 - Everything you need to know

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Far Cry 6, developed by Ubisoft, is the sixth instalment in the Far Cry franchise. Released last year in May, the game allows a player to dive into the world of a modern-day guerrilla revolution and liberate a nation from its oppressive dictators. Far Cry fans have seen many iconic antagonists throughout the years. This time, the main villain of the instalment is Anton Castillo and, in this article, we will explore everything about him.

Anton Castillo: Who is he?

Anton Castillo is the main antagonist in Far Cry 6. His father, Gabriel Castillo, was the president of the Caribbean state, Yara. Gabriel Castillo was executed when Anton was a kid, and as a result, his mother raised and educated him till adulthood.

Anton Castillo: Far Cry 6 - Everything you need to know

At the age of 13, he worked in the tobacco fields of Yara, facing imprisonment of 15 years. In his teenage, he was a shy and reserved kid, who loved model cars. Later, he came to power through free elections and became the President of Yara.

Anton Castillo: Personality and Abilities

Castillo believes in Fascism and Nationalism. He is non-religious and divides his country’s population into two halves. Those who believe in his ideology, he calls them True Yarans while others are Fake Yarans in his opinion. Being well-educated, Anton knows diplomacy very well. He named his son Diego as his successor, thus making a line of succession to the Castillo family.

Anton Castillo: Far Cry 6 - Everything you need to know

Giancarlo Esposito, who also played Gustavo Fring, one of the most successful villains in the Breaking Bad franchise, gives voice to the character of Anton Castillo.

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