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Solo Bug Player is a web novel written by Cheongcho. This novel series has fourteen volumes and it is still not over yet. It follows the story of Shin-Tae Pong, who is a champion in a game called Paradise and he plays the game almost daily. One day, he dies while playing the game and reincarnates as a Paradise game character Jared Eucalates who is the lord of a small territory. Now, he uses his game knowledge and tries to save himself from the upcoming Great Nasu War. This article gives a detailed description of Chapter 1 of Solo Bug Player.

Solo Bug Player

After knowing that he died in his actual world, Shin-Tae Pong or we can say Jared Eucalates wakes from his sleep in shock. The first person to attend to him was Haze, the maid and love interest of Jared. But, Jared was initially not aware of her and was confused about his situation. Slowly comes to know about her and his current situation by looking at the Nas continental calendar.

All About Solo Bug Player Chapter 1

As far as his appearance is concerned, Jared is a big, fat person with extreme obesity. He comes to know about his health situation which worries him. Shortly he remembers the upcoming Great War which adds to his misery. The war is the result of extreme famine which leads to different nations fighting for food.

The Artifact

Then suddenly Jared is enlightened as he knows all the tricks and hacks of the game. So, he plans to attain all the benefits in advance as he has excellent knowledge about the game. He also plans to become the strongest warrior who saves the world. So, he hastily goes to his room and looks for an artifact that his father Viscount Barret gave him.

All About Solo Bug Player Chapter 1

Luckily, Haze was around him and finds him his father’s magical artifact. Next, he decides to break the ornament to unlock the evil spirit, Isabella. With Isabella, Jared plans to start his success journey. The first chapter ends with this cliffhanger.

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