Top Five Best Bloodborne Weapons - Latest Updates

Developed by FromSoftware, Bloodborne is one of the hardest action RPGs in the gaming world. Any action game should have unique, powerful weapons and Bloodborne has tons of these. But, many players often end up scratching their heads while choosing a weapon. While there are many to choose from, here are the best five weapons in Bloodborne.

Bloodborne: Top Five Weapons

5. Simon’s Bowblade

Top Five Best Bloodborne Weapons - Latest Updates

Simon’s Bowblade is a ranged weapon that can also act as a sword. Though it is quite slow to use, this two in one weapon is an asset for the players. While the sword can take down a lot of enemies at a time, the bow deals a deadly blow with levelled up Bloodtinge. To get this weapon the players can either kill Simon the Harrowed in the Research Hall or acquire it from his dead body.

4. Hunter Axe

Top Five Best Bloodborne Weapons - Latest Updates

The Hunter Axe is a battle-axe with an amazing range. Many pro players consider this as one of the best in the game. So, the beginners can give it a try as their main starting weapon. It has incredible damage and is very impressive in taking down a group of enemies. The Hunter Axe is available at the beginning of the game for the players to choose from.

3. Whirligig Saw

Top Five Best Bloodborne Weapons - Latest Updates

Whirligig Saw is a brutal weapon that is a combination of a saw and mace. It is very powerful as it can shred the opponents into pieces. This weapon is particularly useful against beasts. The players can find this amazing weapon near the Nightmare Church.

2. Holy Moonlight Sword

Holy Moonlight Sword is one of the coolest weapons in Bloodborne. It is an all-around weapon with incredible strength. To get this, the players must defeat Ludwig, the Holy Blade. After doing so, it can be found in the Underground Corpse Pile.

1. Ludwig’s Holy Blade

Ludwig’s Holy Blade takes the top spot as the best weapon in Bloodborne. It is similar to Hunter Axe but it is much faster and incredibly user-friendly. To get this weapon, the players should first unlock the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge. After this, the players can buy this for 20,000 Blood Echoes from the messengers.

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