Suros Regime Catalyst in Destiny 2

SUROS Regime Catalyst is a catalyst for the Exotic Auto Rifle SUROS Regime in Destiny 2. Catalysts are items that improve a weapon and masterwork them. When upgraded to a Masterwork, this weapon acquires additional perks. To know more about its purpose and how to get it, read the whole article below.

Perks of SUROS Regime Catalyst

SUROS Regime Catalyst gives the weapon the SUROS Ascendance perk, which increases the chance that after a kill, it will stimulate regeneration of health. Currently, the actual regeneration may vary in percentage and might not be noticeable much. It also improves recoil by adding +50 Recoil Directions. It has one another perk- it makes the recoil more vertical. Since SUROS Regime is a pretty bouncy weapon, the catalyst makes it more stable and easier to handle.


Suros Regime Catalyst in Destiny 2

This further reduces the time to kill to 0.6 seconds. Further Weapon statistics with the catalysts are as follows:

  • Impact – 21
  • Range – 50
  • Stability – 49
  • Operation – 68
  • Recharge speed – 67
  • Rounds per minute – 600
  • Magazine – 25

How to obtain Suros Regime Catalyst?

The Catalyst can be obtained by achieving victory in the Crucible matches. In order to get the Masterwork version of the Catalyst, you need to have 300+ kills in the Crucible matches.

Suros Regime Catalyst in Destiny 2

The important thing here is that the final blow must be by you and that too with the Suros Regime. Otherwise, players need to pick a Crucible match as per their choice and start gathering Guardian kills.

Is SUROS Regime Catalyst worth it?

The SUROS regime is a decent weapon in Destiny 2. By equipping the SUROS Regime Catalyst, it can help you treat the player more often when emptying a magazine.


Suros Regime Catalyst in Destiny 2


As a result, it is a great assault weapon that works well in PVP or PVE.

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