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Resident Evil or Biohazard (in Japanese) is basically a Japanese horror video game. It is created by Capcom. The franchise has developed many games under the same name. The first game of the series came in 1996 and the latest one released in 2021. It is called Resident Evil: Village and has got high ratings and fanbase.

Resident Evil

The game is just fantastic and contains survival horror, first person and third person shooting. The story of the game revolves around a city named Raccoon. In 1988, the T-virus breaks downs and contaminates water. Consequently, people come in contact with the water and become Zombies. Eventually, the whole city gets filled up by the zombies. Basically, the city becomes a base for them.

Resident Evil

Subsequently, an organization named Umbrella sees it as an opportunity to test their bioweapons. They send their team B.O.W to test the weapon. Here, in the city, a special task force named S.T.A.R.S kill the zombies. The gameplay is marvelous.

Now, with the release of new version called “RE: Village”, the game has gone more exciting!!

Resident Evil

HUNK: The Grim Reaper

Hunk are the enemies and characters of the game. They operate for Umbrella organization. The character has a high role in playing as a villain of this franchise and thus, is also termed as “Grim Reaper”. Players can roll up as this character in the Mercenaries mini game in Resident Evil 4. This character has a TMP gun and a few grenades. Riot Kick and Neck breaker are his signature moves. Subsequently, No one can survive these instant kill moves.

Resident Evil


To unlock this character, you need to first beat the game as Claire or Leon. After you complete it, you may find an option for new character. Though a villain, the character has high rating and has a high fanbase. Fans have also demanded a separate game for the character!!

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