Nier Replicant: Everything You Need To Know About Emil

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Nier Replicant or Nier is an action role-playing game developed by the Japanese company Cavia. It was first released in 2010 for PS 3 users. Later it was released for PS 4 and Windows users in 2021. Though this game has some outdated missions, its gameplay and characters are quite good. It also has a variety of NPCs which makes the game interesting. Emil is one such character and this article showers light on him.

Nier Replicant: About Emil

Emil is a supporting character in Nier Replicant. He is a young boy who is also known as No. 7. Also, he is the younger brother of Halua. Moreover, he is gay and has a crush on Nier. Despite being so young, he has some deadly powers. A notable power is the ability to turn anyone into stone when he sees them.

Nier Replicant: Everything You Need To Know About Emil

He is a kind, gentle-hearted boy who doesn’t want to harm others with his ability. So, he covers his eyes with a cloth to avoid turning others into stone. Though he is formed as a result of a magical experiment, he always cares for others. An example of this is his affection for Kainé and Nier.

Nier Replicant: Everything You Need To Know About Emil

Despite his cautious approach to not harm anyone, he eventually turns Kainé into a stone. Later with the help of Nier and his sister Halua, he manages to cure Kainé. He also cures himself and can see others normally. Also, he merges with his sister and gains incredible powers to manipulate all kinds of magic. But, upon merging with his sister, Emil turns into a skeletal creature that floats above the ground. After this, he helps Nier to defeat Shadowlord and goes on to live for another thousand years.


As mentioned earlier, he can petrify anyone. But this was before Emil transformed into a skeleton. After his fusion with Halua, he becomes No. 6 and gains the power of the ultimate weapon. He can also sense the threat of Shades.

Nier Replicant: Everything You Need To Know About Emil

In addition to this, he can also heal others who are petrified. Though he does not have full control over his magic abilities, he manages to do so during crucial battles. But, due to his unpredictable powers, he can sometimes lose control of himself and this may harm the surroundings as well.

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