Mega Man X5 is a Japanese video game developed by Capcom. There are number of bosses present in the game. Let’s know all of them:

Mega Man X5- Bosses
Mega Man X5

Crescent Grizzly in Mega Man X5

Crescent Grizzly is a boss which is much easier than its stage. It can run efficiently behind a truck and can rush easily to the roof and explore them with a timer. Being a boss, he also puts a great fight. His telegraphs are very easy to read. You can easily win over it consequently.

Tidal Whale in Mega Man X5

Tidal whale’s stage is not so hard but it is tedious. You need to scroll through the water which is tough as the pace in water is very low. You need to complete this level minimum three times with 100% rate which makes it a bit lengthy.

Mega Man X5

Volt Kraken

Volt Kraken is one of the tough stages on the game. Players need to be very fast and move immediately in order to survive. While the Volt is fast, yet it can be killed by attacking it from anywhere.

Shining Firefly

Shining Firefly is the most-easy to kill boss. Though it moves continuously but it moves in a regular pattern which makes it easy to spot. It is easy to kill if you target at its low side.

Dark Necrobat

Dark Necrobat can be called deadly in the game. With its jumping and attacking skill, it can attack on the player with a good speed. You need to be fast and use your powers to rescue time-to-time when needed.

Mega Man X5

Spiral Pegasus

Spiral Pegasus is a tough level where you have no much time to save Reploids and save yourself from the virus attack. Elevator is also full of enemies. Pegasus can be killed by his weakness called Dark Hold, where players could freeze time and continuously attack on it.

Burn Dinorex

Burn Dinorex is the second most tough level in the game. Players need to be careful from Lava and fire of Dino. Dino attacks very random so one wrong move and you don’t survive. So, it is not advisable to play this level with low on health.

Mega Man X5

Spike Rosered

Spike Rosered is the most challenging level. The Rosered with spikes can attack from anywhere. So, you are surely dead if you are not away from the spikes.

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