Everything About Top Rare Mcdonald's Pokémon Cards

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Any game or series needs some sort of promotion to reach a wider audience. These include public events, online fan challenges, trading cards, etc. Of these, trading cards aka Trading Card Games(TGCs) are generally liked by many. And when it comes to the Pokémon franchise, its TGCs are incredibly popular. And often a big franchise like Pokémon collaborates with others to release limited edition TGCs. An example of this is Pokémon joining hands with Mcdonald’s to release TGCs. This article is about these Mcdonald’s Pokémon Cards.

Mcdonald’s Pokémon cards

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, Mcdonald’s in collaboration with the Japanese giant, released TGCs along with their Happy Meal. Though these trading cards were first introduced in 1998, they became popular again in 2020 due to Mcdonald’s involvement in them. During the anniversary, a total of 50 cards were introduced with Mcdonald’s Happy Meal.

Everything About Top Rare Mcdonald's Pokémon Cards

During this period, each Happy Meal comes with 4 Pokémon TGCs. Since these are limited editions, Pokémon fans and general collectors showed huge interest and soon the demand increased for these cards. This is because many people tried to resell these cards to higher amounts. Since the Happy Meal cost around $3, many were buying them in large numbers and were selling them later for personal profits.

What are Rare Cards?

Though these limited edition cards were already special, some cards were even more special due to their misprints and errors. These are rare cards and the collectors value them very highly. The craze of these TGCs is such that, some of these rare cards were sold in the reselling market for a huge sum.

Everything About Top Rare Mcdonald's Pokémon Cards

Die-hard Pokémon collectors didn’t think twice to spend a few hundred dollars on these rare cards. These rare cards are especially holographic cards. These are nothing but cards with a holographic image of Pokémons.

Everything About Top Rare Mcdonald's Pokémon Cards

Fans also prefer misprinted holographic cards that contain Ash’s original Pokémons which includes Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. These holo cards are generally worth hundreds of dollars depending on their rarity and condition. The holo Pikachu is generally worth more than the others as it is the face of the franchise.

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