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The hit Canadian series Coroner is back with a bang with C.W. acquiring it’s broadcasting rights in America. Last year, the show had gone through some controversy regarding it’s broadcasting rights, but it is safe to say that Coroner is back.

The Plot

This series follows the life of recently widowed Doctor Jenny Cooper. She is a newly appointed coroner who investigates any suspicious, unnatural, or sudden deaths in the city of Toronto. Jenny taps into her intuition, as much as her intellect and heart, as she solves cases.

The series reflects the race, economic class and gender diversity of the city. Each death brings Jenny into a new arena in the city and sparks buzzworthy themes. But Jenny is not alone. She solves cases along with the help of Homicide Detective Donovan McAvoy, a man who is not afraid of challenging status quo; pathologist Dr. Dwayne Allen, his assistant River Baitz; and Alison Trent, Jenny’s assistant who is a pinnacle of realism. Apart from solving mysterious deaths, Jenny also deals with clinical anxiety, a teenage son, Ross, who is still grieving the death of his father.

Recap & Updates

In the final episode of Coroner season 4 episode 10 ‘Christmas Day’, Jenny suspects that Caleb’s brother must have killed Flora. She goes to Caleb to tell him her point of view to which Caleb reacts with hostility. Caleb pulls out a knife on her.

Jenny is tries to calm him down and reminds him that he didn’t kill his parents. Everything is going well but Liam has to ruin it with his macho pride. Caleb becomes hostile again and they fight. During the fight, Caleb intentionally or unintentionally stabs Liam. Caleb then, forces both Jenny and Caleb in a room and locks them.  Jenny actively tries to apply pressure on his wound but it seems that Liam has lost all hope. He regrets his life with all the drinking and rehab and looks at Jenny to tell her that he loves her. Jenny is not ready to give up but all she can do is wait for Donovan to arrive.

Somehow they break open the door and fight again but Caleb manages to call the ambulance seeing how severe Liam is. Time passes by. Donovan arrives at the hospital full of hope and optimism that Liam will make it through. But in the final scene, Jenny returns home completely perplexed and shattered. Her mom is quick to comfort her.

after the Abrupt ending of season where audiences speculate over the death of Liam, Season 4 is now set to premiere on C.W. on the 6th of January 2022. As nothing is confirmed by the studios, it is safe to say the show will pick the momentum up right after the events of season 3. It is also confirmed that season 4 would have 12 episodes in it.

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