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Cookie Run Kingdom has taken the gaming industry by a shock. It, along with many other popular titles have proven that mobile gaming can also be very lucrative. Most people have heard about the game but many people still haven’t. So, this is all you need to about Cookie Run: Kingdom.

What is Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Cookie Run Kingdom is a gigantic RPG battle simulator in which you must fight your way through the kingdom. The player takes on the role of cookies in this game. Each cookie has its own personality.

While playing the game, the cookie’s skill will grow, allowing the user to go to a higher level. This game’s gameplay is divided into two categories: Kingdom Development and Adventure. If a player is unable to complete the stage, they can utilize treasures to purchase in-game equipment that boost the team’s abilities. By raiding the levels or collecting them from the Cookie Mansion, players can obtain resources to improve their character’s skills. The cookies are categorized into several levels (Worst to best) ranging from common, rare, legendary, ancient to special.

What are the different game modes?

There are in total about 6 different game modes in Cookie Run: Kingdom at the moment:

  1. World exploration – This is the most standard game mode. It is basically a story mode where you explore the world. You have to form a raid team to collect more rewards. The tougher the checkpoint, the higher would be the reward. Sometimes, you will also need certain items from the kingdom to unlock certain stages of the game.
  2. Kingdom Arena – The arena mode is by the default the 1v1 mode of any game. In this game as well, you will have to be the attacker or the defender in order to win and collect trophies. The arena mode awards crystals for reaching milestones. Along with that, you also get rank rewards at the end of the season.
  3. Today’s Bounties – Bounties are great for collecting resources to increase the skill of your cookies. You just have to keep going through the levels and play it out.
  4. Tower of sweet chaos – This game mode is the best for farming out heavy resources. All one must do is attack the towers. There are levels to it and higher the level, higher the reward prevails. Obviously, each level has it’s own rules to follow.
  5. Tropical Soda Islands – In this adventure players should collect Caramel Spyglass and Map Fragments to unlock areas. When successfully unlocked, players will receive one among two types of items: Islands or Treasure Chests, both of which will have cookie upgrade items.
  6. Guild Battles – The objective is simple. Fight the Red Velvet Dragon boss with the help of your guild members. Higher the level of dragon, higher the rewards. You may need good guildmates though.

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