CFD Drain: MLB The Show

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MLB: The Show is a simulation video game developed by San Diego Studio. The game is quite popular in the market and has had commercial success. The Series has different game modes in which a player takes part in the team for a single game, one season, or a franchise. If you are puzzled about the CFD Drain, then read this article to know more about it.

What is CFD Drain?

CFD stands for confidence in MLB: The Show, and helps the players track the confidence of pitchers. If the pitcher is dominating, the confidence goes up and gives them a little extra boost when hitting corners. Now, if a pitcher performs poorly and gives up hits, then the confidence goes down and is called CFD Drain.

CFD Drain: MLB The Show

The whole confidence stats fluctuate throughout the game depending on these factors. Since it affects the player’s performance in the game, it is quite important to maintain the right confidence. Another thing to be noted here is that the CFD Drain also depends on the pitcher’s connections with the teammates.

How does it impact Pitchers?

If a pitcher’s confidence is low in percentage, then his pitches are not very effective. The placement of pitches goes wrong after that and could lead to a big hit or an extra home run.  This could lead to additional challenges and can drain the confidence further low.

CFD Drain: MLB The Show


 As we know, MLB: The Show is a realistic video game and games like such have these stats to take them on a different level. If you still have any doubts, do let us know in the comments section.

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