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Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a fantastic manga series. The Dragon Ball Media franchise has released this action packed series. The series is so popular that even you can card and video games of Dragon Ball. It first premiered on 1st July 2018. As the show gained popularity, we saw new scenarios and possible outcomes released by the series.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Fu, a mystic character informs that Future Trunk is held captive on Prison Planet. It is a different world from theirs. So, Goku, Vegata and Future Mai try to search him. Frieza’s brother Cooler controls that world. As they go ahead, they find the people from their planet. They were held captive in Prison Planet. They are turned into Cyborgs, the human robot. Hearts, a character of the series has also a cyborg named Zamasu.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

They together plan to eliminate Zeno, the enemy king and destroy the Prison Planet. Later in the series, they find that the mysterious character Fu is also among the enemies. He has captured them in the trap. It’s just the beginning. Soon, the plot goes through many ups and downs.

Release Date/Spoilers

The 40th episode of the series released on 19th December 2021. Fans can expect the next episode till February or March 2022. In episode 40 we saw the cooperation of Super Saiyan Blue Evolved Gogeta and Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker Xeno Gogeta. The two Gogetas began combining their energy pools in the final moments of Episode 40. They combine to fight the newly rejuvenated and youthful Fu.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

The Supreme Kai of Time will also likely make an appearance in Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 41. She was the one who assisted the two Gogetas in combining forces to fight Fu. So, she’ll likely continue guiding them in the next episode.

So, the upcoming episode will fume the battlegrounds and surely promises some new adventure!!

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