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Genshin Impact is a free to play game that is available on Android, Windows, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Launched in 2020, it soon gained popularity and became a commercial success. In the first year of its release, the game earned more than $3 billion. If you are a regular player of Genshin Impact, then you might have heard about Skirmishers. In this article, we will explore more about these soldiers.

Skirmishers: What are they?

Skirmishers are soldiers of the Fatui delegation of diplomats from the Zapolyarny Palace of Snezhnaya. These can be found across multiple locations in the game. These skirmishers are great fighters and do not think before advancing into a war.

Skirmishers: Genshin Impact - Everything you need to know

There are six skirmisher kinds, including Geochanters, Pyroslingers, Cryogunners, Hydrogunners, Anemoboxers, and Electrohammers. Once, a player defeats skirmishers, they drop Insignias, which can be used to upgrade items for several weapons.

Skirmishers: Where to find them?

A player can find Skirmishers across 9 different locations in the world of Teyvat. These are Stormterror’s Lair, Galesong Hill, Cuijue Slopes, Stone Gate, Mingyun Village, Dunyu Ruins, Tianqui Valley, Lingju Pass, and Mt. Tianheng

Skirmishers: Genshin Impact - Everything you need to know

Skirmishers: Powers and Abilities

Skirmishers have the power to create elemental armour, which eventually increases their defence, attack and Interruption Resistance (a hidden attribute related to the Poise System). Further, different Skirmishers have different abilities like Geochanter Bracer can shoot three Geo projectiles and also has the ability to teleport.

Skirmishers: Genshin Impact - Everything you need to know

The Hydrogunner Legionnaire can fire multiple healing projectiles at once, while The Pyroslinger Bracer has the ability to fire three consecutive shots with its rifle.

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