Silent Hill: Nurses - Everything You Need To Know

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Silent Hill is a horror film which was released on 21st April 2006. The French director Christophe Gans directed this movie. This movie is a psychological thriller that takes place in a town called Silent Hill. Also, this film is an adaptation of a game with a similar name(1999 Silent Hill). The movie features many monsters and Nurses are one of those.

Silent Hill: Story And Plot

The story is about Rose and her daughter Sharon. Rose and Sharon go to a place called Silent Hill. This is a haunted town with strange monsters. The town often turns into a foggy place. In the beginning, Rose and Sharon suffer a car accident. While Rose goes unconscious, Sharon is found missing. After gaining her consciousness, Rose searches the town to find her daughter. But, she comes to know that Silent Hill is Haunted. Also, she faces many monsters on her way to find Sharon.

Silent Hill: Nurses - Everything You Need To Know

The reason for Rose’s journey to Silent Hill is her daughter’s nightmares about the town. This concerned Rose and her Husband Christopher as Sharon was often found sleepwalking. Along with finding her daughter, Rose also tries to find another girl which made her crash the car. In addition to this, she encounters different monsters such as Nurses and Pyramid Heads. 

Nurses: What Are Those Creatures?

Nurses are one of the monsters in Silent Hill. They appear like nurses in the hospitals but they are disfigured and walk like zombies. They are savage creatures and light attract them. In a particular scene in the movie, the Nurses will come after Rose. But, when she turns off her torchlight, they will stop moving.

Silent Hill: Nurses - Everything You Need To Know

These nurses wear regular nurse uniforms. The Nurses often appear recurringly in the movie. This is because of the presence of many abandoned hospitals in Silent Hill. Also, they carry weapons like butcher knives to attack. They appear as a group and would go savage towards any light source.

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