Seraph of the end volume 23

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Seraph of the end volume 23 is the twenty-third volume of the book written by Takaya Kagami; further illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto. The story revolves around Yuichiro and his friends who plot their futher steps for the ongoing war between humans, vampires and the Hyakuya Sect.

Seraph of the end volume 23

Time being opposite to their side; Shinoa keeps her first trapped inside her by risking her life. However, the first has allies on the outside. There is a possibility of winning and saving Mika, as Krul gets on Shinoa’s side. Later on, the truth of what happened eight years earlier with Krul and Mika gets revealed in front of the gang.

Seraph of the end volume 23 release date

The gripping plot of the book has kept the readers curiosity at an edge. Although, there are certain volumes of the book published readers are eagerly waiting for the twenty-third volume. The book Seraph of the end volume 23 is expecting its initial release in February 2022.

Seraph of the end volume 23

Till then the new readers are advised to give a look upon the earlier volumes. Interestingly written, the book is a masterpiece and one should definietly give it a read.

Will there be further volumes?

The book kept the curiosity at hold for almost six long years. Hence, considering that and looking throgh a broad perspective it is difficult to find out if there will be another volume. If there are further volumes it will be as wonderful as those out earlier.

Seraph of the end volume 23

As of now, let us enjoy the upcoming release of the book and read it through with full enthusiasm. Let’s finish off with this before heading more further. Until then, Stay tuned!

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