Genshin Impact has its own fair share of praise… as well as memes. Every popular game/series is now prone to memes in this day and age. But, in retrospect, it only makes the game more popular and gives the audience a good laugh and more connection with its consumers which is the cheapest form of marketing. Here, are some of the best Genshin Impact memes:

Professor Kaeya’s Icy Cold Awakening


Genshin Impact Memes Which Are Worth Watching

Schoolwork has been extremely hard for students everywhere, especially with the advent of online schools. The sense of accomplishment from finally finishing all current duties is a wonderful feeling. With the ongoing fight to find a decent burst of motivation, new assignments and essays might creep up on students faster than they realise. Lisa’s unavoidable death in this meme perfectly encapsulates how it feels to think all of your schoolwork is done and dusted, only to be confronted with another massive task straight after.

When Your Favorite 5-Star Refuses To Come Home

Genshin Impact Memes Which Are Worth Watching

This excruciating (yet eerily realistic) Genshin Impact x Your Name crossover is a fantastic visual representation of the suffering that all players experience when hoping for their favorite 5-Star character. Whether you’re a free-to-play enthusiast or not, the anxiety one feels when their favorite 5-Star character finally gets their banner up is unfathomable.

Genshin Impact Meme-Updates, Updates, and only updates

Genshin Impact Memes Which Are Worth Watching

It’s no secret that practically every playable character in Genshin Impact has a sizable audience; no matter what, there’s likely to be someone who piques one’s curiosity. However, depending on how many updates the miHoYo devs provide to its loyal followers, the game may end up taking up a lot of space.

Every Fire Is A Light But Not Every Light Is A Fire

Genshin Impact Memes Which Are Worth Watching

Players were understandably ecstatic when a new section was announced, offering them plenty of new territory to explore. With the release of Albedo, the Chalk Prince, came the creation of Dragonspine, an entirely new territory. The thrill, on the other hand, didn’t last long. Because Dragonspine is a highly chilly place. All characters must keep a healthy body temperature by visiting heat sources every few minutes. This can be a time-consuming and unpleasant endeavour. It causes players to wonder if every little light source could be a life-saving heat source.

Genshin Impact Meme & Fried chicken

Fans were already racing to the nearest store to get their limited-edition Genshin-branded merch when the slightly weird cooperation between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Genshin Impact was announced. Despite the fact that some of the containers depicted Genshin characters, the food was no different. This meme is a funny take on how KFC customers flocked to their local locations.

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