Genshin impact has rocked the world with its open world concept and cross-platform compatibility. With millions of users joining in every month, it may just be the most popular game in the world right now. What makes games like these so good are their quests and missions. one of these amazing quests would be ‘In the mountains’. Lets discuss how to complete it. first of all, to start the quest you would need to talk to Iris in the adventure camp.

Genshin Impact Investigate the strange ice

The first step is for players to locate the Strange Ice by following the quest sign. Players will quickly discover that striking the ice will not break it, and that it cannot even be melted with fire, forcing them to think outside the box for a solution. In the neighbouring areas, four Scarlet Quartzes, red mining sites that resemble Cor Lapis, can be found.

Players must collect each Scarlet Quartz and return to the odd ice one at a time to break the ice. Players have the option of ice-damage with one of these items. When you break it, you’ll have access to the Frostbearing Tree, which is yet another wonderful option for gamers to earn rewards.

Genshin impact : Strange ice in Starglow Cavern

This is by far the most difficult section of the quest, so players should make sure they’re prepared. Go to Starglow Cavern, which is marked on the map, and descend to the absolute bottom. Players must finish the neighbouring task in order to break through the barrier. Consider taking a Pyro character like Klee, Amber, or Diluc along and returning the three Pyro Seelies in the area to their pedestals before beginning the fight to make things easier.

The first Seelie is easy to spot, while the other two are more difficult to locate. To discover the other two, go around the back of the ice. One is hidden behind a pile of breakable rocks, while the other is down a long corridor. Collect four more Scarlet Quartz after completing the task and break the ice in the same manner as before. Remember that each player can only have one Scarlet Quartz at a time. The first two are in clear sight in front of the ice, while the remaining two are in the same spots as the Pyro Seelies.

Strange ice in Wyrmrest Valley

The final piece of odd ice can be found at the absolute bottom of Wyrmrest Valley. This one is a little easier than the others, but it does involve more critical thinking. A Pyro Seelie will show players how to ignite the five Cryo sculptures in the area in the correct order. Keep a look out for the Seelie, then follow them with a Cryo character like Qiqi or Kaeya.

When all of these are activated, a chest will appear, as well as a combat with some Ruin Guards. With the odd ice, you can beat them down into the cavern below. Again players will have to collect Scarlet Quartz. This can be done similarly to the process used in the last strange ice situation.

Talk to Iris

NOTE: It is to be noted that you will have to thaw all shards before and after both the strange ice quests in order to get this right. Finally, players can talk to Iris by warping back to the Adventurer’s Camp. She will reward players with 3 Hero’s Wit, 60 Primogems, 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 30,000 Mora for finishing the mission.

Players now have full access to the peak and can explore it without being hindered by the wind. With that out of the way, it’s probably better to concentrate on the limited-time event, where you can earn Glimmering Essence to develop Festering Desire and obtain exclusive event goodies. This will also grant access to the Peak of Vindagnyr, a new domain that rewards players with powerful artefacts.

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