Everything You Need To Know About Treasure Of Nadia

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Treasure of Nadia is an adult adventure game that was developed by NLT Media. This erotic game was released for Windows, macOS, and Linux users on Feb 15, 2022. Basically, it is a treasure hunt game along with adult content. This article showers light on this game and features a guide for beginners.

Treasure Of Nadia

As mentioned earlier, Treasure of Nadia is an erotic game that focuses on a treasure hunt. Also, it is not for everyone barring the adult audience. This game takes place on an island called Cape Vedra which is a treasure tourism spot. Most of the story takes place in a large mansion in Cape Vedra. This place is famous as Sofia Vesper, a famous treasure hunter built this mansion.

Everything You Need To Know About Treasure Of Nadia

This game is the sequel of another NLT media game, Lust Epidemic. Both these games are designed to attract adult audiences. As far as the Treasure of Nadia is concerned, the player’s main motive is to find the treasure in Cape Vedra by using the help of some intimate women in the town. Furthermore, the game is full of adult content that the players will uncover.

Story and Gameplay

The protagonist of this game is Henry, an enthusiastic young boy. The player assumes his role and tries to fulfill his father’s wish. Henry’s father is Idaho Johnson, another treasure hunter. Henry is forced to do this as his father’s health is not promising. So, Henry takes the mantle from his father and tries to complete his quest.

Everything You Need To Know About Treasure Of Nadia

Furthermore, Henry comes across 12 beautiful women as he tries to satisfy them along with looking for treasure. These women will also help Henry with his quest as they together search for various artifacts across the island. Also, the players should craft different items to proceed in the story. The players can also explore different places as they can find some unexpected treasures. Overall it is a game that has all bases covered and the adult audience will certainly love this game.

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