Everything About Dragon Banner In Outlaw King

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War Banners are a vital part of any battle. It is an important tool which facilitates effective communication during the war. Furthermore, it also injects fear into the enemy forces as it portrays the military strength of a country. War Banners have historical significance and many movies accurately show this. One such film is the ‘Outlaw King’ where Dragon Banner was portrayed as a communication medium. This article showers light on this epic war banner.

Dragon Banner

Dragon Banners are one of the most famous forms of war flags. Many dynasties and countries have used this flag at various times in history. Another reason for the popularity of this flag is that it symbolises royalty.

Everything About Dragon Banner In Outlaw King

Many popular movies and TV shows have implemented this flag. The popular drama series Game of Thrones is a great example of this. This show features different kingdoms and each kingdom has different emblems on its flags. However, the dragon emblem belongs to the Targaryens.

Outlaw King

In Outlaw King, the banner has a scarlet red dragon on a black background. This is similar to the Targaryen flag in Game of Thrones as it has the same red and black design. In this movie, the banner belongs to the Prince of Wales as he fights against the Scottish army led by Robert the Bruce. 

Everything About Dragon Banner In Outlaw King

However, the main meaning of this banner is that all rules of chivalry are cancelled for the campaign. Also, it means all the war rules should be broken and no mercy will be shown to the enemy. With this, the Prince of Wales wishes to win the faith of his father Edward as he tries to kill everyone in his way to take down King Robert.

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