Dirt Bike: Five Best Dirt Bikes In The Market

If you think of speed, thrill, fun, adventure and dirt, the first thing that comes to mind is a Dirt Bike. It is a specialized machine to aid offroad travel and of course with an element of craziness. Also known as motocross bikes, dirt bikes are widely admired for their slim, sleeky look with powerful engines. Because of this many youths nowadays want a piece of this beauty for themselves and they are often left with a bunch of options to choose from. But, worry not as we got you covered. Here are the best five dirt bikes for likes of kids and adults.

Top Five Best Dirt Bike

1. Honda CRF110F

Dirt Bike: Five Best Dirt Bikes In The Market

The Honda CRF110F is a motocross bike designed for fun-loving kids. Any kid in the 8- 2-year-old range can give this bike a try. It comes with a 110cc four-stroke engine and is available on the market for £2,275.

2. KTM SX 65

Dirt Bike: Five Best Dirt Bikes In The Market

The KTM SX 65 is for junior racers in the 8-12 years range. This bike comes with a 65cc/85cc two-stroke engine. Also, it features a six-speed gearbox with a hydraulic clutch. However, it is more expensive than its Honda counterpart as it has a price tag of £4,300.

3. Yamaha YZ250

Dirt Bike: Five Best Dirt Bikes In The Market

Yamaha YZ250 is a powerful two stroke bike with high quality suspension. Though anyone can drive this bike, it is tagged as a ‘only for experts bike’ due to incredible power. However, if you are a dirt bike lover and have £7,200 in your hand, you doesn’t need to think twice to have one in your garage.

4. KTM 350 SX-F

The KTM 350 SX-F is an allround bike with incredible power and stability. It features a 350cc four-stroke engine, powerful suspension and light body. All these things made this a top quality bike for offroading. However, it is quite expensive with a price tag of £8,000.

5. Kawasaki KX450F

It is hard to put up any motorcycle list with featuring a Kawasaki bike in it. The Japanese giants are one of the big players in dirt bike industry as they boast a wide range of powerful bike. The Kawasaki KX450F is certainly right up there with the best dirt bikes in the world. Its powerful 450cc four-stroke engine along with lean, stable chassis speak for themselves. It is available in the market for £7,700.

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