Destiny 2: Hard Light Catalyst - Beginner's Guide

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Destiny 2 is an online first-person shooting game. American gaming giant Bungie developed this game and released it in 2017. Despite it being more than 4 years old, Destiny 2 is still very much popular in the gaming world. The game’s longevity is because of its updates. Hard Light Catalyst is one of the unique weapons in the game which was released in the 2.7.1 update.

What is Hard Light Catalyst?

Hard light is an exotic weapon that is part of Destiny 2 since its release. Though it has some impressive stats, many players didn’t like the weapon as it would shake while shooting it. This would affect the aim of the players. But, Bungie found a solution to this problem. With the release of the 2.7.1 update, this issue was addressed. A new catalyst was released for it. Catalysts are nothing but upgrades to the weapons. With the introduction of the Hard Light Catalyst, the shaking was reduced.

Destiny 2: Hard Light Catalyst - Beginner's Guide

This weapon is a type of auto rifle. The main advantage of Hard Light Catalyst is the increase in the stability of the weapon. Also, this weapon can perform multi-kills. With the help of increased accuracy, thanks to the catalyst, this weapon is a must-try among the players.

How To Find This Weapon?

To get the Hard Light Catalyst, the players need to complete a nightfall or heroic strike match. After this the weapon will appear in a random drop. This drop is completely random and there is no surety in it. But, only after successful completion of either heroic or nightfall, this drop will appear.

Destiny 2: Hard Light Catalyst - Beginner's Guide

Also, the weapon can be upgraded. To upgrade Hard Light Catalyst, the players need to kill 1000 enemies in any mode. The damage caused by the weapon is of no use. The equation is simple as only the kills matter.

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