Dead by Daylight: The Blight- Everything you need to know

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Dead by Daylight is a survival-based horror game, where one player plays the role of a killer and the other four play as survivors trying to escape him. A player can select from many killers, including The Blight. In this article, we will discuss this in detail about him.

Who is The Blight?

The Blight, also known as Talbot Grimes or The Alchemist, is one of several playable killers in Dead by Daylight. Since his childhood, he was an intelligent, independent and courageous guy. He didn’t hesitate in questioning the established authority.


Dead by Daylight: The Blight- Everything you need to know


In his adult days, he attended the London School of Medicine and then became a Chemist. Being a bright student, he secured a position in the British East India Company, and within a few years, he was made the head chemist.

Transformation from Talbot Grimes to The Blight

Talbot was assigned a secret laboratory where he used to experiment with chemicals. There he created a chemical that could increase a worker’s productivity. However, things didn’t go as he expected and soon many people around the village were killed, and the blame went on him. He was then beaten and thrown into the grave by his abductor. His life was saved by a few monks, who took him to their ancient school and helped him expand his knowledge.

Dead by Daylight: The Blight- Everything you need to know

As soon as Talbot reached his breakthrough, the monks drugged and dumped him in an opium den. From there, he was transferred into a completely different realm. Later in the realm, he found a journal with the details of creating a flower, that spurts putrid nectar. Talbot started creating the serum and experimented with it on dead rats. Again, things became out of hand and the Entity took advantage of the situation, injecting a high dose of the serum into Talbot, thus transforming him into The Blight.

Powers of The Blight

The Blight has the power to bounce into walls at a high speed to hit survivors more easily, at the cost of reduced range of motion. Another ability of The Blight is the unexpected moves and unpredictable attacks.

Dead by Daylight: The Blight- Everything you need to know

Dead by Daylight is available on Android, iOS, Windows, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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