Subnautica Polyaniline - Everything you need to know.

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Subnautica is a survival-based game, where a player needs to survive on an alien planet after their spaceship gets crashed there. In order to do so, a player must collect different resources and mend them into different items. One such item is Polyaniline. In this article, we will explore everything about this special polymer.

What is Polyaniline?

Polyaniline is an advanced material, which is gained from raw materials and basic materials through crafting. It is a high conductance polymer, which means it allows electricity to pass easily and can be used to upgrade the Cyclops, Sea-moth, and Prawn Suit.


Subnautica Polyaniline - Everything you need to know.

How to craft a Polyaniline?

To create a Polyaniline, a player needs one Gold and one Hydrochloric Acid. But the task doesn’t end here. As we know, in order to collect these resources in Subnautica, a player has to travel a lot. Further, crafting a Polyaniline they will have to go to a Fabricator.

Subnautica Polyaniline - Everything you need to know.

How to find resources related to Polyaniline?

Gold can be found easily as it is a part of a large resource deposit. Such large deposits can be explored at Jellyshroom Caves and Lost River. Meanwhile, single pieces of gold can be found on walls and the ground in the Inactive Lava Zone.

Subnautica Polyaniline - Everything you need to know.

Unlike Gold, Hydrochloric acid is a resource that a player needs to craft with three Young Cotton Anemones and one Salt Deposit. Deep Lilypads Cave is the perfect spot to find Young Cotton Anemones, while Salt Deposits can be obtained from Arctic Kelp Caves, Deep Purple Vents, Purple Vents, Sparse Arctic and Twisty Bridges.

If you are trying to craft Polyaniline, then follow the instructions above to collect all the resources, and you are good to go.

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