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Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games right now. The storyline, the visuals and the writing is just pure aesthetic bliss. It is one of my personal favorites as well because of the cross platform accessibility. You can play it on your PC, on your laptop and if you are in a boring chemistry class, you can secretly go at it on your mobile device as well.

Plot: Genshin Impact

A pair of “star traveler” twins from different worlds arrive in Teyvat and witness the destruction of the Khaenri’ah nation. An unidentified god blocks their path and divides them as they try to flee the chaos: she catches one and seals away the power of the other.

Five hundred years later, the sealed twin (dubbed “Traveler”) awakens and finds Paimon, who becomes their companion. They travel together for months before arriving in Mondstadt. They start looking for the Traveler’s missing sibling there.

Blossom of Wealth

Blossom of wealth is basically Mora which is basically character XP material. They are spawned by completing Ley Line Outcrops. Trounce Blossoms are Ley Line Blossoms that spawn after beating Normal and Weekly Bosses such as the Electro Hypostasis and Wolf of the North Challenge. The prizes will be determined by the level of the boss that was defeated.

Per region, there will always be two outcrops: one Revelation and one Wealth. When you touch an outcrop, adversaries appear; the type of opponents you encounter depends on the region you’re in, and their levels scale with your World Level. Outcrop-spawned enemies drop items, Mora, and character EXP just like ordinary enemies. A Ley Line Blossom will appear after defeating all foes; rejuvenating the blossom to obtain rewards consumes either 20 Original Resin or 1 Condensed Resin. Once an outcrop has been completed and its blossom has been revived, a new one will spawn in a different part of the country. Until the daily reset, completed but unopened outcrops will remain where they are, and no new outcrops will be created.

Blossoms of Wealth Locations

The Blossoms of Wealth are gained after completing the Ley Line Outcrop event, which will appear on the map if the player has reached adventure rank 12. There will be two variants of Line Outcrop events on the map to reduce confusion for novice players.

Simply go to the Ley Line site and interact with the yellow cloud to start the event. After interacting with the Ley Line, a certain number of opponents will arrive that must be defeated before the player may claim their reward. The location of the event determines which enemies spawn from the Ley Line. If the player is in an area where Hillichurls live, for example, there is a significant possibility that the event will spawn Hillichurls. In addition, the player’s World Level influences the strength of the produced foes. After beating all the requisite foes, the Blossom of Wealth will emerge out of the earth for the player to claim their reward.

To open the Blossoms, however, gamers must spend either 20 original resin or 1 condensed resin. The player will gain a significant amount of Mora, Adventure Rank, and Friendship xp after the Blossom is opened. It’s worth noting that if a player doesn’t have the original or condensed resin, the bloom will remain unopened. Players should also take advantage of the current “Stellar Reunion” event, which triples the amount of mora gained from each Blossom of Wealth up to three times per day.

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