Gamerant - All you need to know

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If you play games and spend your time researching more about it, then you might have come across the site “Gamerant”. It helps a lot of players with information regarding video games and the latest updates related to them. In this article, we will learn more about this online content creation website in detail.

Gamerant – What is it?

Gamerant is an online website that provides in-depth content related to games. Their team write reviews, give insights and brings in thoughtful discussions from the audience. They believe that a game review should be on the same level and maturity as film reviews. Since games are a blend of artistic and creative works, it deserves much more in-depth insights and analysis.

Gamerant - All you need to know

The target audience of Gamerant

The target audience of Gamerant includes professional gamers, streamers, or anyone who loves playing video games. The prime content consumers of the website are between the ages of 18-24. A large section also belongs to the 25-39 age group.


Gamerant - All you need to know


Gamerant – Specialities

Specialities of Gamerant include Gaming, entertainment, online media, digital publishing and content creation.

Gamerant - All you need to know

Gamerant was previously owned by a content firm called Screenrant. Screenrant publishes articles related to films, TV series and comics. In 2019, Valnet Inc., an online media publisher in the same field, acquired its rights.

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