Everything You Need To Know About The Losers 2

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The Losers is an action-adventure movie directed by Sylvain White. During its release, it was one of the most anticipated films as it had some big names as the cast. This American movie was released in 2010 and it received mixed reactions from the audience. Despite its ordinary reviews, many expected The Losers 2 to come out as it had some star actors like Chris Evans. But, the sequel never happened, and here is why.

The Losers: Plot

This movie is based on a DC comic “The Losers” by a British writer named Andy Diggle. Also, the movie is made with the same name as the comic book. It focuses on a US special force Black-ops team who are on a mission to destroy a drug lord in Bolivia. As mentioned earlier, The Losers boasts a cast full of star names.

Everything You Need To Know About The Losers 2

Along with Chris Evans who is famous for his role as Captain American in MCU, the cast also features Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana to name a few. With these many big names, there was a sense of buzz around the film’s release in 2010.

Everything You Need To Know About The Losers 2

But, the movie didn’t meet the expectation as it failed at the box office. Though it had a decent story it didn’t perform well in many areas. One of the main areas of the movie’s underwhelming performance is its poor marketing.

Will The Losers 2 ever Happen?

Many fans blame Warner Bros. as the company compromised in the marketing of the movie. Also, The Losers didn’t release worldwide as it was not released in some major countries. Because of this, it didn’t make much profit as it made only $29.4M compared to the budget of $25M.

Everything You Need To Know About The Losers 2

Because of these reasons, the sequel of the movie never happened. But, is there a chance for The Losers 2 to happen in the future? The answer is no, as it is practically impossible. This is because many fans have moved on and regrouping the same cast after more than 10 years will be difficult. But the sequel will be on the cards if Warner Bros. decides to go ahead with a new cast.

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