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Rock Band had a reputation of being a Guitar Hero knockoff. But thanks to pop culture, it became one of the biggest interactive gaming franchises. As more and more games have started being available for next gen consoles, one can only wonder if we can play Rock Band on PS5?

Gameplay – Rock Band

The gameplay and on-screen interface of Rock Band are a hybrid of Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution. Moreover, Up to three tracks of vertically scrolling colourful music notes are available in Rock Band, with one area for lead guitar, drums, and bass. The buttons on the guitar and drum peripherals match to the colourful notes on the screen. Hence, players play lead and bass guitar notes by pressing the strum bar on the controller while holding down coloured fret buttons on the guitar peripheral; for drums, players must strike the matching coloured drumhead or step on the pedal to imitate playing bass drum notes.

The voices display runs along the top of the screen and scrolls horizontally, similar to Karaoke Revolution. The words are beneath green bars that represent the different vocal components’ pitch. When performing vocals, the player must match the original vocals’ relative pitch. A pitch indicator shows how accurate the performer is in comparison to the original pitch. The remaining portion of the screen shows the band’s virtual characters performing in concert.

Can you play Rock Band on PS5?

The Xbox One X and PlayStation 5 are backward-compatible with nearly the complete Xbox One and PlayStation 4 libraries, respectively, and rhythm game lovers will be pleased to learn that Rock Band 4 is on both next-generation systems, according to creator Harmonix. “From day one, Rock Band 4 and all DLC will function on next-generation platforms,” Harmonix stated. “We believe that instruments that have previously been supported should perform as expected.”

“Generally, if it worked on Rock Band 4 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it should function on next-gen,” Harmonix said of instrument controllers. The business tested a variety of hardware with Rock Band 4 on Xbox One X and PlayStation 5. Harmonix can guarantee compatibility with controllers dating back to the Rock Band 2 drums on PS3 and the Rock Band 2 Fender Stratocaster guitar on PS3. The entire list of 18 compatible peripherals is visible in Harmonix’s blog article. However, other controllers, including those for non-Harmonix games like Guitar Hero, may operate with the new consoles, according to Harmonix.

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