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Black Clover is a very well-known series by Yuki Tabata. With a high fanbase, the volume will release its 28th volume in February 2022. The title “The Battle begins” of the volume 28 really promises a new and aspiring action, comedies and romantic scenes. Let’s scratch our mind and try to remember the previous moments of the series.

Black Clover: Asta and Yuno

Black Clover revolves around two orphan kids, Asta and Yuno who were found outside a church. The Father and the sister raise the kids. The kids grow up together to be best friends and savior of each other. While the Yuno owns strong magical powers and is a prodigy, Asta has no powers on his own and focuses on physical powers.

Black Clover

Motivated to become the next Wizard king, both start their journey. Yuno gets a four-leafed grimoire which gives him wind power while Asta, despite of being powerless, gets a five-leafed grimoire. Asta belongs to the team of Black Bulls while Yuno becomes member of Golden Dawn. There are total 9 squads each having their own Magic Knights who control it. As Asta and Yuno grow up, they face new challenges and at later stage, they find their true identity and the secrets behind their unbelievable powers.The series has a lot to watch. Firstly the action, comedy, emotions andthen lots of fight and motivation.

Volume 28

The cover image of 28th Volume of the series shows Jack, the reaper, Asta and Yuno. It feels like once again, Asta and Yuno have to super-pass their limits and do something extraordinary. The volume will have chapter from 273 to 282.

Black Clover

As the cover image has Jack on it, it feels that in some upcoming episodes, we would know more about Jack. Jack is a thin man with sharp face exactly like mantis. He is the head of squad of Green Mantis. As we see, his father died during hunting when he was 13. From then, he decided to join the Clover Kingdom. We will know more about it in the upcoming series.

Black Clover

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