Tom Holland Imagines: Everything You Need To Know

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Tom Holland is a famous actor who is well known for his role as Spider-Man in MCU movies. He is a young and upcoming actor who has already tasted success in Hollywood. Like many celebrities, there are multiple imagines related to Tom Holland. Imagines are nothing but fan-made stories and here is one such story about him.

Tom Holland Imagine

You are a high school student and a quite popular one in the school. You have some friends, but they are a group of bullies. They would often bully anyone for fun and you are completely against this behaviour. However, you are unable to tell them as you don’t want to ruin your friendship. But, deep down you know that these guys are not ‘real friends’.

Tom Holland Imagines: Everything You Need To Know

One day everything goes normal and school time ends. You wind up your work and begin to go home. But, suddenly you hear a loud noise and see a crowd near the locker area. When you get closer you realize that your group of bully friends gang up to beat Peter Parker(Tom Holland). As literally everyone watches the proceeding, something deep down in your heart provokes you to step forward to aid Peter.

The Rescue

Though Peter is not new to you, you are thinking again before deciding to help him. He is a brilliant student as much as you are. However, Peter is a step ahead of everyone in terms of brilliance. Because of this many make fun of him and would often call him a ‘nerd’. However, you know the real value of him and decide to help him. As you step forward and put yourself in between Peter and the bullies, your friends are confused as you are supposed to be on their side.

Tom Holland Imagines: Everything You Need To Know

But, things have changed and you stand your ground and tell the bullies to back off. This would ultimately break your friendship with your bullies which is obvious considering the switch in sides. Furthermore, you consider this as a blessing in disguise as you were waiting for an opportunity to break away from the gang. Then you thank Peter as he allowed you to express yourself. Also, Peter thanks you back for saving him. The two of you will go on to become lifetime friends.

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