SunShot Catalyst: Everything you need to know

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Sunshot in Destiny 2 is an exotic hand cannon (powerful weapons that have a high aim assist) that can be used for long-range shooting. It fires explosive rounds and with the help of a catalyst, it can be more dangerous. Here, in this article, we will explain everything about the Sunshot Catalyst and where to get them in Destiny 2.

 What is Density 2 Sunshot ?

As the name suggests, the Sunshot Catalyst is a catalyst for the exotic cannon Sunshot and enhances its overall effect in the game. Prior to its introduction in the Season of Opulence, it was part of the Faction Rally reward of the Future War Cult. The catalyst increases the range of the weapon by 27 and makes it more stable.

SunShot Catalyst: Everything you need to know

It further enhances the Sun Blast perk of the weapon, which kills the enemies through solar energy. This whole thing makes the weapon easier to use and helps in killing multiple enemies. The upgrade feature of the catalyst can be unlocked by killing 500 enemies with Sunshot and an additional 1000 with the SunBlast perk.

How to get a Sunshot Catalyst ?

Players can obtain a Sunshot  through killing or completing on strikes or the Crucible. You should check Triumphs to see where the Catalyst drops. The only problem in obtaining this catalyst is that it completely depends on your luck. It could either take a long time for you to get it or no time at all. Nothing else, except your luck, will determine how fast you will get it.

SunShot Catalyst: Everything you need to know

Sunshot is extremely fun to use and with a catalyst, it becomes a must-have weapon for the players!!

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