Stardew Valley: What Is Strange Capsule? - Latest Updates

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Stardew Valley is a famous role-playing game that was developed by Eric Barone alias ConcernedApe. It was released on many platforms in 2016. This game feature many events including some secret events. And, Strange Capsule is one such secret event. This article showers light on Strange Capsules in Stardew Valley.

About Strange Capsule Event

This is a random event and incredibly rare to find. But, after update 1.5, the chances of finding this event has increased. This event starts after the player hears a UFO sound while sleeping. After this, the player will find a strange capsule on their farm.

Stardew Valley: What Is Strange Capsule? - Latest Updates

The capsule is mysterious because it has some sort of life inside it in the form of goo. This capsule was probably crash-landed on the player’s farm from the UFO.

Stardew Valley: What Is Strange Capsule? - Latest Updates

After finding the capsule, the player must leave it undisturbed for four-game days. Next, the player will find that the capsule is broken and the alien has escaped. This strange creature is now wandering the Stardew Valley.

Finding the Alien

After breaking through the capsule, the alien creature looks like a man. But, the alien only appears in the night. So, the players should avoid looking for it during the day. Also, the player should keep an eye on the bus stop as the alien visits this place quite often.

Stardew Valley: What Is Strange Capsule? - Latest Updates

Furthermore, the player should watch the top left corner of the screen. The probability of the alien appearing in that place is higher. Moreover, the player should be aware of the agility of the alien. It is so fast as it might vanish in seconds. By following these steps, the player can get a glimpse of the alien.

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