Minecraft Polar Bears: How To Tame Them?

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Minecraft is a game with no limits. The game’s success is because of the freedom it gives to the players. It also has various animals and birds that gives life to the game. When it comes to animals in Minecraft, the Polar Bears get a special mention as they are one of the best-assisting animals for the players. Moreover, they can also be tamed and this article and here is how to do it.

Minecraft: About Polar Bears

Like pandas, the players can tame polar bears. These are only found in icy biomes in the game. They generally appear alone or in groups. But, some polar bears also appear with their cubs.

Minecraft Polar Bears: How To Tame Them?

The polar bears have an appetite for fish and they especially like Salmons. These animals are generally aggressive and a mother polar bear with her cub is even more aggressive.

How to Tame Them?

It is important to tame Polar bears as they can help the players to attack, defend and can even offer a ride. To do so, the players should choose a lone polar bear. Also, a group or a mother with her cub should be strictly avoided.

Minecraft Polar Bears: How To Tame Them?

Next, the players should catch some fish before approaching a polar bear. This is the only way to tame these animals. The players should use a fishing rod and should look for salmons. These are available anywhere in the game. But, the important point is when to catch them. The players should generally look to fish in clear sunny weather.

Minecraft Polar Bears: How To Tame Them?

If the players are having trouble catching salmon, they can kill a polar bear if they are brave enough. This offers raw salmon to the players and with this, the players can tame other polar bears. After gathering enough fish, the players should feed them to the animal. After eating several fish, hearts will appear on the polar bear’s head. This indicates that the animal is tamed and from now on these tamed polar bears will be a handy companion to the players.

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