Minecraft: Fermented Spider Eye - Beginner's Guide

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In Minecraft, players can make any kind of portions using various brewing items. These portions are very useful as it grants different abilities to the players. One such brewing item is Fermented Spider Eye. This article dives into everything you need to know about this portion crafting material.

About Fermented Spider Eye

As mentioned earlier, the players can use this item to make portions. The players need one spider eye, sugar and one brown mushroom to make it. The different portions are portions of Weakness, Harming, Slowness, and Invisibility.

Minecraft: Fermented Spider Eye - Beginner's Guide

These are powerful portions and because of their importance, every Minecraft player is craving to have Fermented Spider Eye. The players can make it using various resources at the crafting table.

How to Make it?

The first step is to find a spider eye. Though this might seem to be a difficult job, it is quite easy. The players can get a spider eye from the dead spiders at night in any biome.

Minecraft: Fermented Spider Eye - Beginner's Guide

Next, the players must find a mushroom. These mushrooms are available in the mines. Finally, the players should look for sugar. By placing the sugar cane on the crafting table, the players will get sugar.

Minecraft: Fermented Spider Eye - Beginner's Guide

After gathering these resources, the players should use the crafting table. The crafting table contains nine boxes as shown in the above picture. As a first step, The players must place the mushroom in the first box. This is followed by placing sugar in the second box. Also, the players should place the spider eye obtained from the dead spider in the centre box. Now, the Fermented Spider Eye will be ready. Furthermore, this can be used to make portions in the Brewing Stand.

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