Destiny 2: Graviton Lance Catalyst How To Unlock It

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Destiny 2, developed by Bungie is a free online multiplayer shooting game. This game was released on September 6, 2017, by Activision. In this game, the player protects a city by fighting various enemies with the help of many weapons. Graviton Lance Catalyst is a unique weapon in the game. It is also one of the oldest weapons in the game.

Graviton Lance Catalyst Working

Graviton Lance Catalyst is one of the powerful weapons in the game. The main benefit of this weapon is that while attacking an enemy, nearby enemies are also affected. Because of this chain reaction ability,  many Destiny 2 gamers use this weapon to clean out groups of enemies. The weapon becomes even more powerful with upgrades. To upgrade Graviton Lance Catalyst the player need to kill five hundred enemies with this weapon. To further upgrade this, the player should kill thousand more enemies in Cosmology Perk.

Destiny 2: Graviton Lance Catalyst How To Unlock It

Acquiring this weapon is not easy. But, once acquired this weapon can be really useful. Along with chain reaction, this weapon comes with a better targeting system. But this can be a disadvantage as the targeting system may be inefficient when the group of enemies are moving continuously. Nevertheless, this weapon has increased damage and high accuracy.

How to Find This Unique Weapon

Graviton Lance Catalyst can be acquired in a random drop. This drop will appear only when the player kills the enemies in the crucible or strike matches. In this case, the difficulty and type of the enemy don’t matter. But, the chances of the drop appearing after winning a strike or crucible match is completely random.

Destiny 2: Graviton Lance Catalyst How To Unlock It

The player can try completing strike matches at a stretch. This increases the possibility of getting the weapon from the drop. Another way to acquire this weapon is by completing Mindbender’s Farm. Also, the player can complete another strike called Lake of Shadows to get the weapon.

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