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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of the finest open world games that exist today. The game has so many options to play and many more locations to unravel. The set piece and landscape are so huge and beautiful that one may get lost in them. The cursed symbols are one such part of the game that help you travel from one breathtaking landscape to another. You also get trophies once you have found a certain number of them.

What are these Cursed Symbols?

Cursed Symbols can be found all throughout England and are indicated by a spider web image on your map. The surroundings of the Cursed Symbol are gloomy and misty. When Eivor approaches them, he frequently remarks that they have an evil aura around them.

You must destroy the cursed glowing skull at the source of each Cursed Symbol area to complete it. Normally, the skull is tucked away slightly. To find it, use Odin’s Sense. To break the curse from the area and return it to its normal shape, destroy the skull with any of your weapons or by blasting it with an arrow. Now you may ask why go through all the trouble? Well bagging 10 cursed symbols will gain you the coveted ‘Dreamcatcher trophy’ and claiming all 40 will help you obtain the Completionist, Platinum trophy!

Cursed Symbol Locations

You might wonder as to where these trophies are hidden but that’s where this short and simple guide comes through. This guide will tell you five Cursed Symbol location from different areas of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla map.

  1. Cent – The first location would be in Cent near the scorched fields around the burning tree 500 meters to the east of Canterbury. You will find Oil jars surrounding the wooden spikes around there. All you have to do is to take one, climb on the fallen birch tree nearby and throw it precisely on top of the spikes and repeat the same process again.
  2. Essexe – You will find this one on a Largo tree 500 meters south of Walden. All you have to do is climb a bent tree in the general vicinity of the skull and climb some more branches clockwise till you have a direct shot at the skull.
  3. Hamtunscire – To get this skull, you have visit the Lynx’s den. Obviously, the enemies will attack you on sight but no worries, you can distance yourself or climb on top of higher ground to take them out without breaking a sweat. Next, all you have to do is go the center and move the body from the rock, move the rock and the skull is yours.
  4. East Anglia – This one is so easy that you won’t even need the guide for it. It’s near a marsh somewhere between Elmenham and Walsham Crag. Once you are in the area, find the center tree and shoot the hanging skull.
  5. Suthsexe  – This one might be a little tricky. It is basically located underground about 250 meters southwest of Chertsey Abbey Ruins. Once you see a mist of green gas you’ll know that you have arrived at the right place. Now, all you need to do is to throw a torch in that gas and wait for it to clear. You’ll see a corpse. Carry the corpse so you can move the rock and destroy the skull.

These are some of the locations to find the Cursed Symbol across the map. You can scour through YouTube and find all of them but what’s the fun in that? Instead, use this guide and find the rest yourself because these locations do have something in common and once you find it, It will be smooth sailing.

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