Tribes Of Midgard Classes: Top Five Characters - Guide

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Developed by Norsfell Games, the Tribes of Midgard is an action survival game that lets the players choose their hero. The game has a total of eight classes. Each of these characters is unique in its way. Because of these many options, the players tend to have a dilemma over which character to choose from these eight classes. Here are the best five character classes in Tribes of Midgard.

Top Five Character Classes

5. Guardian

Tribes Of Midgard Classes: Top Five Characters - Guide

The Guardian class is a tank that has excellent defensive abilities. Though the Guardian rarely contributes to attack, he does very well in defence as he can be extremely durable in combats. He can also regenerate when his health is very low. But, it is advisable to have some damage dealers in the group along with Guardians.

4. Sentinel

Tribes Of Midgard Classes: Top Five Characters - Guide

Sentinel is similar to Guardian but with a little upgrade. While the latter is a defensive tank, the former has some attacking stats along with the defence. He has crowd control abilities along with massive regeneration. In addition to this, he also has a better shield compared to other classes that can stun the enemies.

3. Berserker

Tribes Of Midgard Classes: Top Five Characters - Guide

Berserker is an attacking class with high damage. Just like Sentinel, Berserker can stun the enemies. He also has a special ability that increases the damage on the enemies until a low HP threshold is reached. The players with Berserker can even go for suicidal attacks to maximize this ability.

2. Seer

The Seer class is a supporting character and is one of the best in the game when it comes to providing supporting utilities. Though this character can be hard to play for beginners, experienced players can run the show with Seer. He can also stun the enemies and can attack at a fast pace. Because of these impressive stats, Seer only comes late in the game.

1. Warden

If the players are looking for a perfect character then it is very tough to ignore the Warden. He is one of the best classes in the Tribes of Midgard in terms of all-around abilities. He can use any weapon and can be an expert in it. Along with this, the Warden can also craft various components.

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