My Hero Academia: Who Is Tomura Shigaraki?

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My Hero Academia is a famous Japanese manga series. This superhero-based series was first released in 2016. Since then, it only went from strength to strength and currently comprises over 100 episodes in 5 seasons. The success of the series is because of its storyline and amazing characters. While the show has amazing protagonists, it also has its share of negative characters. And when it comes to antagonists, My Hero Academia fans will never forget Tomura Shigaraki and here’s why.

About Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki aka Tenko Shimura is a dull-looking man who is the leader of an organization called League of Villains. He is the main antagonist of My Hero Academia and his main aim is to kill All Might.

My Hero Academia: Who Is Tomura Shigaraki?

To proceed with his goal, he merged League of Villains with Meta Liberation Army. By merging these two, he form a bigger organization called Paranormal Liberation Front. He also becomes its great commander and continues to establish his vision.

My Hero Academia: Who Is Tomura Shigaraki?

In the series, a hero or villain wears a costume to disguise themself. So, when it comes to Tomura, he wears a strange black outfit with 14 preserved human arms in it. These hands represent different dead people. Of these hands, most of them belong to his dead family members.

Personality and Abilities

Tomura Shigaraki is full of evil and always believes in his principles. He is an arrogant and selfish person who doesn’t care about others. Also, he doesn’t think twice before killing innocent people. Tomura hates to lose and takes anything by force. He is also an able leader who controls an entire organization.

My Hero Academia: Who Is Tomura Shigaraki?

When it comes to strength and power, he is second to none. He is often considered the most powerful villain in the series. With his powerful abilities, he was able to match some of the powerful characters such as Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki.

Though he looks lean, he is equipped with incredible strength. So, those who underestimate him by his looks should think again. He also has insane agility. He can also withstand on the battlefield for hours and this makes him extremely durable. In addition to this, he can regenerate and this heals his injuries quickly. Considering all these abilities, Tomura Shigaraki is undoubtedly a formidable antagonist in the series.

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