Five Best Genshin Impact Secrets That Are Unknown

Genshin Impact is a very large game with many quests and puzzles. These aspects of the game make it one of the most interesting games in the world. But, because of these many options, many players tend to miss some of the secrets that can be handsomely rewarding. This article includes the best five Genshin Impact secrets that the players might have missed during their time in Tevyat.

Genshin Impact: Five Best Secrets

1. Run Melos

Five Best Genshin Impact Secrets That Are Unknown

Run Melos is one of the secret achievements in the game. To get this, the players should run continuously for 15 seconds. Though this might seem simple for seasoned players, the beginners might struggle to do so because of their low stamina. Those players should dash when their stamina is very low and then jump to get this achievement.

2. Mondstadt Chest

Five Best Genshin Impact Secrets That Are Unknown

Another secret that many players are not aware of is a large chest in Mondstadt. To get this chest, the players should go to the waterfall located north of the Stormbearer Mountains. Here, players will find a secret chest at the bottom of the waterfall.

3. Golden Gliding License

Five Best Genshin Impact Secrets That Are Unknown

The Golden Gliding License is a special achievement that can be achieved by gliding from the Starsnatch Cliff to the nearby island in the sea. This is similar to Having Wings and the players will get this after landing on the island.

4. Guyun Stone Forest Chest

Genshin Impact has numerous hidden chests and one of the most rewarding chests is found in the Stone Forest in Guyun. In this place, the players will find a strange pile of rocks on a boat. Next, the players should smash the rocks to get the secret chest.

5. Liyue Bank

This is a highly rewarding secret as the players will get 2,00,000 Mora. To get this the players should head towards the Northland bank in Liyue Harbor. Once inside, the players should go upstairs where they will find Nadia, who will guard a door. Next, the players should get inside this door and should again go upstairs to find the secret chest.

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