EDZ Obelisk

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If you are experiencing an issue of being unable to interact with EDZ Obelisk or any other Obelisk. all you need to do is to travelling fast until the server gets into working. On repeating this process, the game shall definitely allow to interact with the Obelisk. The issue will get its solution as time passes and the instances change however, till then the fast travelling for server is to be repeated. Although there are bugs, it seems interesting on how the game unfolds.

EDZ Obelisk

Obelisk would be changing time and again as we move ahead in the game. Hence, it is recommended to remember how the problem will be fixed. In situations, all would go well but in instances you would not be able t interact with the Obelisk.

How to manage the update for EDZ Obelisk Bug?

For those who do not know about the update that has come up, here’s a little bit of how it goes on. Upgrading of the Obelisk will help in finding Polarized Fractaline and doing such will help in getting a better gain.

EDZ Obelisk

Guardians however, will be unable to interact with the EDZ Obelisk tower; getting them from spending the fractaline which affects time rewarded in the playlists.

How to Unlock?

The Season of Dawn is on its way wherein, EDZ and Nessus Obelisk will be ready for its opening. There are around four different Obelisk moreover; EDZ is third or fourth of them. There will be a guideline for Obelisk online to get through it.

EDZ Obelisk

Initial stage requires defeating 50 cabals in the EDZ Obelisk.. The player gets a bonus progress  for defeating the cabals along with the finishers. It is exciting to know this wonderful thing about an interesting game. To know more about the details Stay tuned!

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