Dead By Daylight: Everything You Need To About Blight

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Dead by Daylight is an online survival game. It is a multiplayer game that involves five players in 1 vs 4 games. While one player plays the role of a killer, the other four play as survivors. As far as the killers are concerned, the players have 27 options. Of these, the Blight is one of the most intimidating killers in the game. This article showers light on this savage killer.

Dead By Daylight: About Blight

The Blight is a deadly creature that is half human and half undead. It is a result of an experiment by a scientist named Talbot Grimes. First, the war prisoners were the victims of his experimentation. Then, even he turned into a Blight as his experiment didn’t spare him either.

Dead By Daylight: Everything You Need To About Blight

The Blight was first introduced in Dead by Daylight Chapter XVII: Descend Beyond. It is an unpredictable killer that is known for its quick burst of speed. It is generally faster than the survivors on foot.

Dead By Daylight: Everything You Need To About Blight

Blight will look to sacrifice the four players. To do so, it hangs the players on meat hooks. The players in turn should avoid being caught by either running or fighting back. In the meanwhile, the survivors should also repair the five generators. This will open the exit gates and the survivors can escape the place.

Weapons and Abilities

The Blight has many powerful abilities. The player who chooses to be the Blight can use these abilities to catch the four survivors. Of all these abilities, the most significant one is called Blighted Corruption. With this, the Blight can dash forward and can close in on the survivors. Though this does not give a massive boost, it can be mightily effective when timed properly.

Dead By Daylight: Everything You Need To About Blight

But during this dash, the Blight can’t attack the survivors. To attack during a dash, the Blight should use a special move called Lethal Rush. The Blight also has three unique perks called Dragon’s Grip, Hex: Blood Favour, Hex: Undying.

In addition to this, the blight has a weapon called the Bonebuster. With this, the Blight can land a damaging blow on the survivors. Overall, it is a brutal killer and the survivors can have a hard time facing it. But, the players who play Blight can breathe easy as they can quite easily take down the survivors.

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