Dating My Daughter: Everything You Need To Know About

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Dating my daughter is a VN game developed by MrDots Games as a free-to-download game. The game was released on May 20, 2019, for Android and iOS users. It is an easy-going offline game with different fun elements. Soon it became a favourite for adult game lovers. This article features the latest updates about this game.

Dating My Daughter

As mentioned earlier, Dating my daughter is a choice-based game that deals with a complicated father-daughter relationship. The protagonist of the game is a divorced father. Furthermore, after separating from his wife, he hasn’t seen his only daughter for years. However, things start to look good as suddenly his daughter wishes to see him and have a father-daughter date with him.

Dating My Daughter: Everything You Need To Know About

Furthermore, Dating my daughter is also filled with fun, love, humour and various other elements that are required for a visual novel game. To enjoy this game, there are certain basic requirements that a player should keep in mind. The game comes with a size of nearly 1.5 GB and the players can play this game in offline mode after downloading it. Also, any latest Android or iOS mobile will hold good for this game.

Story and Gameplay

In this game, the player should play the role of a father and should look to build a relationship with his daughter. Since the game is choice-based, the player should be wary of the choices they make. This is because these choices would positively or negatively affect the progress in the game.

Dating My Daughter: Everything You Need To Know About

Dating my daughter is mainly associated with two words: Love and Friendship. The actions that the players take during the game will grant points to them. Depending on your actions, the players will gain or lose points on the love and friendship scale. These points are important as they determine the game’s progress. With a certain number of points, the player can unlock specific levels in the game.

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