Control: The Enemy Within Mission Guide

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Control is an adventure solo-player game. It was released on August 27, 2019. Remedy Entertainment developed this game. Control has some additional missions. One of those is ‘The Enemy Within’.

Control: Plot And Gameplay

The player players the character of Jesse Faden, the protagonist of the game. Jesse is the director of the Federal Bureau of Control, a government agency in the U.S.A. In the game, Jesse Faden attains various special abilities and fights the enemies known as Hiss.

Control: The Enemy Within Mission Guide

Control is a solo player third-person perspective game. Even though the game is free, Control also has two downloadable expansion packs which must be paid to gain access to it. The headquarters of the bureau is called the Oldest House which is situated in New York.

Control: The Enemy Within Beginners Mission Guide

The bureau studies Altered World Events (AWE) which is something that violates the laws of physics. And, the player should complete different missions to proceed in the game.

The Enemy Within – Side Mission Guide

The Enemy Within is an optional side quest in the game. Also, this mission is a little different to others. It includes a boss fight in the end. At the start of the mission, the player must find a safe room in the Sealed Threshold Hall. Now, the player must go to a room where Jesse would have fought Japanese Paper Lantern previously. This room contains a metal door. The player should open this metal door to enter the safe room.

Control: The Enemy Within Beginners Mission Guide

After this, the player will come across a large gap. To proceed, the player must cross this. This can be done by either the dash or levitate ability. Though the player can use the dash ability, the levitate superpower is more efficient. Now, the player must fight and defeat the boss, the Anchor. This is quite tricky to complete. The boss continuously moves in the clockwise direction. So, the player must observe his pattern and should attack in an anti-clockwise direction to defeat him. Also, the player should simultaneously deal with the Hiss while they spawn.

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