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Byzantium in outer World is a location that you can go to in the game, but you have to unlock it first.Byzantium outer world In fact, Byzantium won’t even show up on your navigational terminal until you complete a specific outrr worlds quest. Byzantium Outer world And even that is easier said and done as we’ll explain you can’t really miss it, I don’t think, but u can see people having trouble figuring this one out. That being the case out outer worlds Byzantium location. Is gonna show you how to unlock Byzantium in outer worlds.

How To Unlock Byzantium In Outer Worlds?

Byzantium Outer world To u clock Byzantium in outer worlds you’ll have to keep pushing through the main quest until you’ve nearly cleared out what there is to do aboard the ground breaker talk with udom Bedford  inside the halcyon offices the dialogue option you absolutely have to choose is I know  where to find Phineas Welles there rest of the options don’t matter much as long as you keep the conversation going in that direction. If you really wanna be a stickler here’s the sequence that you can follow that will lead you in the right direction. First it’s i know where to find Phineas Welles then I saw Welles wanted poster and I want to claim the bounty.

How To Travel To Byzantium  Location In Outer Worlds?

To travel to Byzantium hi and takn to galyds abroad the groundbreajer once udom Bedford gives you the balance due quest she’s behind the door under the rest n go sign. That’s next to the spacers choice joint which in turn is next to the medical bay. Go through the rest n door then through the first door on the left speak to galyds about the official boeard seal. This is the point where you’ll have to shell out eight thousand bits in order to continue hope you’ve been frugal. Anyway once you give galyds the money she’ll give you the seal. Take it back to udom he will in return give you the navkey to Byzantium once this happens Byzantium should pop up on the navigation terminal aboard the unreliable so pack your bags and hop over there.

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