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Subnautica: Below Zero was beyond successful at establishing itself as a popular gaming franchise as well as one of the best survival games. It caused waves of interest among streamers, YouTubers and fans of the first game. Many fans wanted a multiplayer but to their dissapointment, the developers didn’t put one. This gave rise to a very popular mod. Let’s discuss.

Plot – Subnautica: Below Zero

Scientist Robin Ayou smuggles herself onto planet 4546B two years after the events of the previous game to examine the circumstances of her sister Samantha’s death, which Alterra maintains was caused by “staff negligence.” Alterra had erected a number of research bases on the planet in the previous year, but had lately removed all of its employees, allowing Robin to arrive on the planet.

Robin picks up a distress signal shortly after landing and investigates. She discovers an alien refuge with the digital consciousness of a living predecessor. Just before the sanctuary’s power runs out, the alien announces himself as Al-An and forcibly instals itself into Robin’s head. Angry with Al-An for intruding into her thoughts, Robin promises to assist it in building a new body into which it can shift. Robin scours the world for alien installations and artefacts in order to gather the essential components and materials.

Subnautica: Below Zero Multiplayer Mod

The original Subnautica has an unofficial multiplayer mode named “Nitrox,” which is an online co-op modification. There is no Subnautica Below Zero multiplayer mod to download and install on PC at the time of writing. Sunrunner, a member of the Subnautica community, is still working on the original Nitrox modification. Although there has been no confirmation, it’s probable that once the original is finished, Sunrunner will focus on building a Subnautica Below Zero Nitrox mod.

Fans of Subnautica are already demanding for a multiplayer mode in Below Zero. Their demands are unlikely to go unheeded. With the Nitrox mod’s continued success, it seems reasonable to believe that modders will rise to the challenge of integrating online play into the new Subnautica game. Adding multiplayer to the standalone Subnautica extension is a huge undertaking, so expect it to take a while.

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