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Star Trek Prodigy has overtaken it’s contemporaries in terms of an animated kids show. It takes key characters and plot lines from the original canon and gives it a fun spin. This is what makes it better as well as authentic. The show has not even finished it’s first season yet, the Network is already planning to renew it for another season.

What is the show all about?

Kevin and Dan Hageman produced the animated television series Star Trek: Prodigy for the streaming service Paramount+. It is the eleventh Star Trek series. It premiered in 2021 as part of executive producer Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek Universe expansion. Prodigy is the first Star Trek series aimed towards children. It also aims to incorporate computer animation. The show depicts a gang of teenage aliens who set off on a quest for adventure aboard an abandoned starship.

A motley crew of young aliens discovers an abandoned Starfleet ship, the USS Protostar, in the Tars Lamora prison colony in 2383. This happens five years after the USS Voyager returned to Earth at the end of Star Trek: Voyager. They must learn to work together as they make their journey from the Delta Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant after taking command of the ship.


Janeway introduces Dal and Jankom Pog to the holodeck. Gwyn adjusts to being a member of the Protostar’s crew and considers her father, the Diviner, nearly selling her out for the spaceship. Dal learns about the Kobayashi Maru after running through a sample of programme, which Janeway regards as the ultimate exam for any Starfleet commanding officer. Dal decides to run the Kobayashi Maru programme. He does this in order to establish his value as the Protostar’s self-appointed captain.

Hologram representations of Nyota Uhura, Doctor Beverly Crusher, Odo, and Spock join Dal and Jankom. They help assist them with the simulated mission. This is created via the holodeck programme. When Dal and Jankom hear a distress call from a ship stranded in the Neutral Zone with failing systems, they consider abandoning the Kobayashi Maru but, the hologram crew points out how selfish this decision is and threatens to resign on the spot. Dal fails the test due to a Klingon ambush. This prompts him to redo it with a disgruntled Dal substituting Jankom with a holographic simulation of Scotty, only to accept the exam as a no-win scenario.


The 7th episode of Star Trek namely – ‘First Con-Tact‘ released on the 13th of January 2022. It is speculated that Dal completes the Kobayashi Maru simulation 99 times and learns that he needs to listen to his crew more in order to be a better leader. This could imply that he will agree to their recommendation of going to the Federation to figure out what they should do next.

They watch a recording of Captain Chakotay commandeering the ship in the encrypted raw data that Gwyn discovers. This means they aren’t Janeway’s first crew, Janeway explains. In the next episodes, Gwyn and the rest of the crew will learn more about the ship and its secrets.

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