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Hightown is a famous crime drama television series. It premired on Starz on May 17, 2020. Till now, we have seen 2 seasons with 16 episodes of the series. Rebeca Cutter has created this crime mystery series. The second season of the series appeared in October 2021.

Hightown: Talk of the town

The series has been talk of the town with a great crime mystery. Though it is rated 6.6 on IMDb but the level of suspense it creates is just fantastic!!


As the synopsis of series say, Jackie Quinones is a National Marine Fisheries Service Agent who abuses drugs and alcohol. The story revolves around Jackie and the time when she finds a murdered body of a woman. The investigation of the case begins consequently with two detectives namely Alan and Ray. How Jackie save her business from these two outsiders is the real adventureous thing to watch!!

Season 2 Epsiode 9

This episode is like penultimate episode of the series. The plot of “Small Craft Warning”, the 9th episode will decide the future of the series. In episode 8, we saw how Frankie Cuevas saved himself from being caught, now he would be more focused that includes going after everyone who he feels is betraying him. Now, as Alan and Ray have uncovered much and Alan is also setting traps to uncover the hidden truth, things are getting more perilous for Jackie and others in Cape.


In the promo of 9th episode, Jackie and Ray talking about the dead bodies uncovered by someone. So, has any discovered the dead bodies from season 1? Who is it?

We see Renee is very near to the death door if the mystery doesn’t get uncoverd and Frankie is also planning to kill Jackie, our main lead (but that seems nearly impossible) so who would he kill then?

Find out these crime mysteries on Hometown, Episode 9 on 19th December.


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