Ghosts Season 1 Episode 13: Release Date, Plot And Spoilers

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Ghosts is an American comedy television series. CBS Studios produced this series. It was released on October 7, 2021. So far 12 episodes have been released.

Ghosts Season 1: Plot And Spoilers

A married couple buys their dream mansion and moves into it. But, they were unaware of the fact that their new home is full of ghosts. All these ghosts have died in the mansion in different ways. The spirits were not happy with the arrival of the couple, Samantha and Jay. The mansion is occupied by main ghosts and some others inhabit the basement. While the main ghosts died in various ways, all the others in the basement died of Cholera.

Ghosts Season 1 Episode 13: Release Date, Plot And Spoilers

The main plot of the story is they try to haunt Jay and Samantha as they were unhappy upon their arrival. But they don’t do like the Hollywood horror movies as they prefer to be gentle in their approach. While they try to torment the couple, Samantha injures herself by falling off the staircase. The injury is almost fatal but she recovers from it.

After her recovery, she gains the ability to see and hear the ghosts in the house. But Jay cannot see the spirits. The story continues from here and involves many twists and turns.

Episode 13: Release Date And Updates

Season 1 Episode 13 of Ghosts is named “The Vault“. CBS announced that the episode will release on January 20, 2022. The Vault will be the last episode of the series.

Ghosts Season 1 Episode 13: Release Date, Plot And Spoilers

This episode will feature the husband of Hetty. Hetty is one of the main ghosts in the mansion. Hetty reunites with her husband after his death in 1890. Also, Jay and Samantha are determined to improve their business since Jay is unemployed as a chef. They aim to host one of their friend’s weddings. But Hetty has other ideas as she looks to spoil the party.

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